Mollie Hosmer-Dillard
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Our cultural assumptions normally influence us imperceptibly, invisible as the air we breathe. My large-scale, layered paintings use repetitive mark making to explore the way our repeated individual thoughts and actions become the building blocks for habits, personalities, customs, and whole societies.

At close range, viewers catch glimpses of specific, informational imagery created by layer upon layer of silkscreened prints. Diagrams of nanotechnology give way to photos of email inboxes, which give way to images of newspapers, houses, and apartment buildings. All these are visible at close distance, and then as the viewer backs away, a larger motif emerges from the repetition of individual marks: fields of static, light on water, continents drifting.

In this way, these paintings make visible the psychological moment many of us in the industrialized world are now contending with, the moment when the long chain of cause and effect reveals itself, the moment our latent assumptions begin to flash before our eyes.