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A Note on “Multi-Vocal” Works

These are the first of an experimental type of artwork I'm calling "multi-vocal" paintings, or paintings created by many different people. Using a laser-cutter, I cut wooden tiles into repeating geometric patterns. Each participant paints on one of these tiles, following a specific set of visual constraints. The finished pieces fit together to form a seamless whole.

This type of painting celebrates a diversity of perspectives, and resists the notion that plurality might become consolidated into a singular view. Each multi-vocal artwork is a visible disruption of the Western world's emphasis on the isolated individual, which I've come to see less as a sign of freedom than a symptom of colonization.

These works were greatly influenced by the beautiful poetic inquiries of M. NourbeSe Philip and Yanara Friedland.

A Living Machine
84 x 84 inches
acrylic on individual laser-cut tiles
Artists: Favour, Tae, Hillary, Alise, Ajith, Chloe, Lucas, Jae’dyn, Leah, Terrence, Destiny, Lucas, Tanner, Alyssa, Bailey, Dominic, Jeremiah, Genna, Talon, Layveontay, Morgyn, Hailey, Lakiya, Elena, Angel, Stokley, Elliott, Audra, Riley, Farasat, Samantha, Miranda, Carlayjia, Aiden, Briana, Ben, James, Nakiya, Katrina, Mars, Ti’Aisha, Christian, Ashanti, Rachael, Rahsaan, Mitchell, Shawn, Amosa, Serena, D’Shonda, Jarel, Zylin, Adrian, Ben, Tyree, Davii, Mallory, J.R., Harper, Jude, Levin, Jackson, Sara, Elia, Arianna, Ben, Jason, Joie, Darryl, Camila, Joaquin, Julieta, Al, Robin, Rebecca, Scott, Anthony, Shaunda, Steven, Amanda, Craig, Pam, Dylan, Veronica, Kerri, Karen, Mel, Caitlyn, Yunjin, LeeAnne, Hannah, Grace, Theo, Lindsey, Evelyn, Harrison, Chloé, Mollie, Lindsey, Phoebe, Jackie, Jordan, Gina, Alice, Bee, Mike, George, Mary, Camelia Hanna, Eric, Leo, Katie, Maisie, Heather, Brian, David, Dianna, Arin, Andrea, Haley, Gabriel, Cailey, Lynn, Hannah, James, Ellinor, Laynie, Jet, Ellen, Camellia, Erin, Faramola, Melba, Natalie, Stacie, Patricia, Tia, Richard, Megan, Barbie, Allison, Abdul, Richard, Anmar, Khalid, Reagan, Tim, Boo, Clara, Alanah, Johnathan, Layla, Liam, Brooklyn, Maddox, Kim, Charlotte, Weston, Kevin, Aliza, Isaiah, Julius, Michael, Colton, Giselle, Isabel, Fay, Mohamed, Cas, Leah, Anna, Julie, Payton, Kailynn, Leo, Parma, Naweza, Cy, Sky, Nancy, Grace, Charlotte, Madison, Hannah, Qenli, Fredy, Savannah, Kyran, & Jermeon

A Living Machine was made possible by the True/False Film Festival

81 x 88 inches
acrylic on laser-cut panel

artists: D.H., D.P. A.J., D.B., A.A., A.R., E.G., C.B.G., L.D., S.H., M.R., A.Z., N.M., R.P., R.R.R., K.S., A.N., T.V., James, Elaine, Kathy, Mike, Steven, Adam, James, Yael, Kevin, Jessie, Marta, Everest, Ryan, Jefferson, Kyle, Becca, James, Zachary, Aliya, Aspen, Travis, Lina, Ariana, Ana, Minseo, Valentina, Max, Myomi, Sloan, Gwendolyn, Vivienne, Gavin, Samuel, Shiloh, Aaron, John, Odin, Ronelle, Lizbeth, Doyun, Rita, Brisley, Nathan, Mabel, Derek, Samantha, Jennifer, Zander, Abigail, Ryker, Annilyn, Madisann, Nathan, Ray, Riley, Zyania, Jerry, Aiden, Netanya, Elian, Deklan, Serenity, Cameron, Karlee, Treasure, Kelsy, Quincy, Holden, Cambria, Sean, Emely, Angel, Ernesto, Marley, Zoe, Josue, Tiana, Alex, Faraz, Adriana, Ava, Merilee, Louise, Rebecca, Mary, Lauren, Angela, Heather, Justin, J.B., Elise, Peter, Sean, Carrie, Sawyer, Benjamin, Xela, Parker, Matthew, Evan, Crew, Jordan, Adelaide, Jack, Bella, Remi, Royce, Emma, Jeminiah, Xavian, Porter, Aric, Jackson, Soren, Damian, Rhonan, Sam, Del, Andrew, L., Mollie, Xavier, Tony, Kailey, Ellis, Liam, Madlyn, Rick, Lorie, Dailys, Z., W., S., L., E., J., E., D., T., H., E., W, S., A., D., C., F., Mary, Cleo, Trudy, Diana, Doris, Jose, Terry, D.A., C.B., M.C., S.E., L.F., M.F., M.G., J.G., K.H., E.H., K.H., B.M., B.O., F.P., M.R., J.M., H.S., I.V., C.V., Isabella, Abel, Benson, Jovi, Travis, Rutuja, Hollie, Edyn, Lucy, Quinn, Malika, Marilu, Katty, Quinten, Avian, Elias, Taizlee, Connor, Salome, Charlie, Blake, Kime, Saphira, Rachel, Jackson, Nani, Jaxon, and David

Clouds was made possible by a generous grant from the Salt Lake City Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.


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ژن ژیان ئازادی
زن زندگی آزادی
Woman Life Freedom

each piece approximately 38 x 38 inches
Acrylic on laser-cut panel

Artists: Mally Cardenas, Zari Cardenas-Banki, Risa Greene, Abby Templeton Greene, Ellen Strickland, Courtney, Mona, Sho, Hanny, Yasi, Kourosh, Noushin, Kaveh, Parisa, Ahmad, Farnosh, Saeedeh, Shirin, Marjan, Andrea, Phil, Jeffrey, Carolina, Patrick, Ethel, Julie, Tim, poupeh, Mollie, Hamid, Kari, Leila, Pari, Joey, Holly, Ali, Leili, Elham, Emily, Alex, Stephen, Matt, JRG, Lydia Mae, Diane O., Emily Schnipper, Ryan T., Will E., Maya F., Lani, Kiah R., Sanaz Masoumi, Mica Ingland, Catie Bryant, Seth Divine, Gabriele Ocasek, Ethan Houck, Ali Graham, Channing Cole, Ilona Kovas, Pippa, Morgan Sirota, Althea Abrusci, Jared Wright, Eli Newman, Kristina Gashi, Mehdi Hosseini, Mona Moayedi

The Woman Life Freedom series was a collaboration with writer and translator poupeh missaghi.
In the aftermath of the killing of 22-year-old Mahsa-Jina Amini, we decided to design a series of symbolic art pieces in response to the courage we were witnessing, especially from women and young people in the streets of Iran.

The artworks came to life through participation of communities in Brooklyn, NY; Denver, CO; and Portland, OR. They gathered to grieve, in solidarity, and to raise awareness about the Woman Life Freedom movement.

The final paintings were exhibited at Denver University’s Davis Gallery.


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